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How I am related to William Chow, his brother John Chow Hoon and their families.
My Great-Grandmother's Marriage
Louisa Loika Haili Lovell
(1839-1896) Great-Grandmother
'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu's family genealogy Jennie Ka'hookano Nawelo Kaukini
Grandmother (1878-1926)
(1836-1877) Great Grandfather
My Grandmother's First Marriage
Jennie Kaukini
Grandmother (1878-1926)
'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu's family genealogy Louisa Kapakukaamanulelehaile Kaukini
Cecelia Loika Kaanohilaulani Kaukini
(1900-1944) (my mother)
Solomon Kaukini
(1877-1898) Grandfather
My Grandmother's Second Marriage
Jennie Kaleikini
Grandmother (1878-1926)
'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu's family genealogy Joseph Keliihelekuau Kaleikini (1905)
Davita Kaleikini Wahea
Marriage - September 25, 1926
Josephine Ahlin Chow-Hoon
(born 1909)
'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu's family genealogy
Joseph Keliihelekuau Kaleikini
(born 1905)

The Chow-Hoon / Chow 'Ohana relationship comes through my maternal grandmother.

I chose not to reveal this "relationship" until July 13, 2003 when I announced it in Las Vegas, Nevada. The wife of John Chow-Hoon (Pauline Chow-Hoon) came to Las Vegas to talk to me about one of our cousins (Leonard Chow) who had passed away. Present as witnesses to this discussion were Ron Burns, Neil Hardin, James Ibrao, Scott Merrill, and James Muro.

My Heroes In The Arts
I am very happy to let the world know I am related to the Chow's AND the Chow-Hoon's. I am happy to be related to one of Hawaii's own and best and most well-known Martial Artists: my 'Ohana and Great-Grandmasters, John Chow-Hoon and William Chow of Hawaii.

'Ôlohe Kolomona Kaeha Kaihewalu

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