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The World Professional Black Belt Martial Art Organization - Helping Those Who Need Help  Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu The World Professional Black Belt Martial Art Organization – 'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu – It is the mission of this organization to recognize and support positive martial artists throughout the world. We also aim to create a unity of qualified martial artists and instructors of the martial arts upon evidence of their strong mind, spirit and body attained through a serious study of martial arts.
Academy of Martial Arts Academy of Martial Arts – Northern California Kempo/Arnis Association featuring: Kempo, Wing Chun, Kombatan, Hawaiian Lua, and Kobudo.
American Jite Ryu Karate-Do Federation, Soke Dr. Darrell Smith American Jite Ryu Karate-Do Federation – Soke Dr. Darrell R. Smith – Chung Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do – Our mission is to maintain and promote martial arts all around the world and recognize/and award teachers, masters and grandmasters. We are an international organization with no politics.
American Wado Ryu Federation International

American Wado Ryu Federation International

In Memory of Shihan Otto Johnson

Arnis Balite - The Filipino art of hand, foot, and stick fighting Arnis Balite – The Filipino art of hand, foot, and stick fighting.

Instruction in Matsumura Shorin-ryu Karate.
Elite Training Center - Brain Rauchback - Mixed Martial Arts Elite Training Center – Brain Rauchback – Mixed Martial Arts
Located in the South Bay of Los Angeles, Elite Training Center provides all-ages self-defense and fitness for everyone from the general public to the military, police officers and others who protect the public.
Goshin-Jitsu Chow-Hoon, Professor James Muro Goshin-Jitsu Chow-Hoon – Professor James Muro – The fundamental principles of Goshin-Jitsu are the preservation of the human rights vested in us by God, the insurance of peace of order, and the promotion of the happiness of mankind.
International Martial Arts Association The International Martial Arts Association (IMAA) exists to serve and support martial artists in their development. We welcome all martial artists regardless of style, system or other affiliation. Here you may validate and receive individual membership, school memberships, rank certification, instructor credentials, Soke/Grandmaster certification and order merchandise.
John Bishop's Kajukenbo John Bishop's Kajukenbo – Brutal, deadly, overkill, street effective. These and many other such terms have been used to describe America's first martial art system known as kajukenbo.
Kajukembo Self-Defense Concepts (KSDC) Kajukembo Self-Defense Concepts (KSDC) as organized by Michael D. Park, 8th degree kempo jujutsu, is essentially a kempo karate system influenced by his life-long experiences in diverse martial arts and the original teachings of the founders, especially Sijo Adriano D. Emperado through his direct students, grandmaster James K. Roberts Sr. and great grandmaster Aleju Reyes Sr. to senior grandmaster Alii Don Nahoolewa.
The Kempo First Foundation The Kempo First Foundation is a distinctive martial arts school located in northern Denver.

We are a nonprofit 501-C-(3) Colorado corporation dedicated to the path of self-improvement through the study of martial arts.
Liahona Warrior Arts and T-5 Boxing Liahona Warrior Arts and T-5 Boxing
Our Sacramento, California, boxing gym is now in three locations.
Rocky Twitchell
Lim's Hawaii Kenpo Karate Lim's Hawaii Kenpo Karate – Sigung George Lim- 7th Degree Black Belt – "Where Tradition Meets Innovation"
Limalama Original No-Ka-Oi Limalama Original No-Ka-Oi – Grand Master Richard Nunez. Self defense is a physical art based upon the most effective related use of every part of the body. It consists basically of striking, kicking, punching and techniques.
Midway Kodenkan Martial Arts Midway Kodenkan Martial Arts – Lua, Jujitsu, and Kali - Chicago, Illinois
The Orodnez Kajukenbo Ohana (OKO) The Orodnez Kajukenbo Ohana (OKO) was founded in October 2008 under the direct supervision of Co-Founder Uncle Frank Ordonez of the Kajukenbo System of Self Defense. OKO was founded to honor the wishes of Co-Founder Uncle Frank Ordonez without conflicting with any Kajukenbo Organization.
Portuguese Association of Kosho-Ryu Kenpo - The official site of the A.P.K.K. Portuguese Association of Kosho-Ryu Kenpo – The official site of the A.P.K.K.
Shinbukan Dojo At Shinbukan dojo we practice various martial arts and have a good time doing it. The focus is primarily Danzan Ryu Ju Jitsu and Kenju Ryu Kenpo but we also train in Judo, Filipino martial arts, and Hawaiian Lua. Our school is part of the Kilohana Organization which ties many martial arts groups together.
Shorite Tai Jutsu Shorite Tai Jutsu – Grand Master Dr. Christian Harfouche, PhD, 10th Degree TaiJutsu – While theoretical physical, mental, and spiritual concepts and teaching play an important role within human life, spiritual liberality in actual hands-on training enables partners to exchange martial techniques and concepts without apprehension or intimidation, knowing that as we better those around us we are bettering ourselves. These ideas are hard to learn out of a textbook.
Goshin Budokan U.S.A. Shubukan Ryu Martial Arts Center - Kyoshi Sensei Edward E. Wilkes At the Shubukan we teach Goshin Budokan Genjitsu. This is the Teaching Method of Aiki Ju-Jitsu, (Ju-Jitsu with Aiki Principles), and Goshin Do Ryu Ju-Jitsu which employ techniques taken from three Martial Arts Systems (Aikido, Judo, Karate Do) taught as a way of Martial Arts tradition and reality. Kyoshi Sensei Edward E. Wilkes, Dojocho.
Shuyokan Martial Arts Center Shuyokan Martial Arts Center – Yoshinkai Aikido, Goshin Jutsu, Taiho Jutsu. Pohaku David Dye Sensei, Dojocho
Sifu Randy Ong Sifu Randy Ong – Kajukenbo is a mixture of five martial arts (Kenpo, Tang Soo Do, Judo, Jujitsu, And Chinese Boxing). Lua is an Ancient Hawaiian Martial Art used by the King's Koa Warriors in combat. These arts combined create a very practical self defense system.
Goshin Budokan U.S.A. Shubukan Ryu Martial Arts Center - Kyoshi Sensei Edward E. Wilkes Steve Spry's Hawaiian Martial Arts – Steve Spry's Self-Defense Center For American Kenpo, Hawaiian Lua, Lima-Lama, Jujitsu and Aikido
Victorious Hands Victorious Hands – Translated as "victorious hands body arts," shorite ryu tai jutsu is a comprehensive system of traditional martial arts that successfully incorporates striking, throwing, choking, and submission techniques, with effective methods of grappling, into a complete system recognized worldwide as the "style of styles."
Warriors of Righteousness Warriors of Righteousness – International Karakenpo Eskrima Association.
Whittle Kajukenbo Whittle Kajukenbo – Sigung Michael Whittle - Kajukenbo is a unique self defense system that combines select skills from five different martial arts. Those martial arts are represented in the four syllables of the KA-JU-KEN-BO name. The first syllable, KA, stands for Korean Karate; the second, JU, stands for Judo and Jiu Jitsu; the third, KEN, stands for Kenpo; the fourth, BO, stands for Chinese Boxing or Gung-Fu.
World Black Belt martial arts community World Black Belt – The world's first international Internet Martial Arts Community is here! Now there is finally a way for the entire universe of Martial Artists to come together to share information and associate with the world's most skilled and respected leaders of the Martial Arts.
Xtreme Self-Offense Systems  Xtreme-SOS  XSOS Xtreme Self-Offense Systems – Xtreme-SOS – XSOS – Founded by self-defense expert Tony Leo, XSOS is a powerful, comprehensive and effective self-defense system that combines various strikes, kicks and self-defense techniques, along with proven combat principles, and molds them into a program that will transform your body into physical and mental excellence while teaching you effective self-defense techniques that may one day save your life.
Yama-Kan Kajukenbo School Yama-Kan Kajukenbo School in Austin, Texas
Grand Master Dan Baker - Professor M
Yume Dojo - Shizen Ryu Jujutsu - Glendale, Arizona Yume Dojo – Shizen Ryu Jujutsu – Glendale, Arizona
Yume ("Dream") Dojo was started in the early 90's as an after school activity in the Phoenix school system. Parents were encouraged to share the growth of the students, and their journey to become better people. The dojo itself went through a growth and metamorphosis period. Initially an Aikido/Aiki-Jujutsu school, the dojo started to add arts like Karate and Brazilian Jujutsu. This all led to the beginning of Shizen Ryu Jujutsu.
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