Kapu – 7th Generation
1989 – 1995

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Kapu 7th Generation, 1989 - 1995

7th Generation

I found my Blessing in Maui

  • My first, to test the Gods of Hawai’i. Do the Gods feel it is OK or not for Kolomona Kaihewalu to find, seek and show the Ancient Hawaiian Martial Art (Lua).
  • To share and bring out my Family’s Lua to the Martial Art World.
  • Children, stay ahead of Time. Think. Fill your Space with Knowledge of Lua. Be aware of Time and be ready.

Grand Master Ted Tabura, Okinawa-Te / Lima Lama owner, director and sponsor of The Festival Of The Kings invited me to Maui, Hawai’i, to show and demonstrate my Family’s Ancient Hawaiian Lua, and to team up with the following Pioneers, Great Names and Grandmasters:

  • Wally Jay
  • Tony Ramos
  • Eric Lee
  • Clarence Lee
  • Ming Lum
  • Tino Ceberano
  • Al Dacascos
  • Ted Tabura

1989: 'Ôlohe Jerry Walker, Pa Kui A Lua, was on stage announcing as I was demonstrating my Lua.

During the early 1990s 'Ôlohe Jerry Walker had introduced me to 'Ôlohe Sam Kaha’I Kaai, a Weapon / Mea-kaua and Lua historian and expert.

My wife and I and 'Ôlohe Jerry Walker were invited to visit with 'Ôlohe Sam Kaha ‘I Kaai, Hale.

The Blessing I was looking for had now come to me and without any words being spoken!

This Blessing I was looking for, took many years and great effort.

It cost me Time, Hardship and Money!

Many thanks and Mahalo to:

  • Grandmaster Ted Tabura
  • 'Ôlohe Jerry Walker
  • 'Ôlohe Sam Kaha'I Kaai
  • And the Spiritual Gods of Maui

Kolomona Kaihewalu, I have found the Blessing I needed.

Author: 'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002

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