Kapu – 4th Generation
1964 – 1972

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Kapu 4th Generation, 1964 - 1972
  • I started to lose my patience. With Negativity Back Home.
  • 1955-1964: 9 years went by and the Time seems too long for me to wait.
  • Lima Lama - I thought this might be a simple and a fast way to fill in the Time and the Space lost and to bring my Family’s Lua out to the public.

Lima Lama - The Hands Of Wisdom - Founded and Created by Six Founders:

  • Three Lima Lama Founders have passed on.

  • One is sick and no longer active.

  • Grandmaster (Richard Nuñez), owner and director, is actively teaching at the No Ka Oi Institute of Lima Lama.

  • And myself. I have been promoting and teaching my Family's Lua since 1955.

My brother-in-law Haumea (Tiny) Lafite and a good Hawaiian friend John Louis, both from Honolulu, called my home in Orange County, California, and told me they are about to start a Polynesian Karate Organization. They asked, "Are you interested in joining and helping out in creating this new Organization?" There will be six Founders of this new Organization. The name 'Lima Lama / The Hands Of Wisdom' has been approved and copyrighted.

1964: The Founders are: Grandmaster Tino Tuiolosega, Richard Nuñez, Sal Esquival, Haumea Tiny Lafite, John Louise, and myself, Solomon Kaihewalu. All six of us are from different systems, we were supposed to work and create and combine six styles into one to form the Art and the System of Lima Lama.

1972, July 18: I just could not continue with Lima Lama, due to my own personal feelings.

1964-1972: Eight years later I went out on my own. This time I will stick it out, spend the Time, work harder, and get my Family’s Lua out to the World. I will use my valuable time to reach out to the public, as well as to all active Martial Artists to let them know about me and my Family’s Lua that I am now bringing out.

1963-1998: I continued to promote my own Karate Tournaments. At the same time I built and promoted my Lua Organization. I demonstrated and worked in many Seminars worldwide to promote my Family’s Art of Lua. (1955 to the Present)

  • "I will teach and update all of my students with additional forms and techniques." (1955-1972)

  • "I advise my Black Belts, 'Do not fall back. Communicate, study, work hard, maintain your honesty.' "

Author: 'Ôlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002

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